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Creating custom actions in Bot Framework Composer

The bot can generate various types of errors, such as not responding, throwing errors, or working in one channel but never in another. The first step in troubleshooting a bot is to test it in web chat.

An update bot can generate various types of errors, such as failing to respond, throwing errors, or trying to use one channel but not another. The first step in troubleshooting a bot is to test this method in web chat.

A runtime error is a platform or hardware issue that prevents Internet Explorer from working properly. Run-time problems can occur when a website uses HTML code that is incompatible with web browser features.

Thank you very much for your reply, your @anishprasad01 . Can you confirm that you were definitely testing Azure Functions and not a web app?

Which version of Node for Azure do you have installed?

How do I fix runtime error?

Restart your computer.
Update the period to the latest version.
Completely remove duplicate content from the program and then reinstall it.
Install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package.
Use SFC scannow to repair corrupted Windows files.
Run System Restore to return your computer to an earlier state.

What version of Windows 10 are you using?
Windows Home - 10.0.19042 build 19042

What is bot code?

A crusher bot is an app that users interact with by trying text, graphics (like maps, maybe images), or speech. The Azure Bot Service is a cloud platform. Before building bots, it’s important to understand how a bot uses learning objects to communicate with its customers.

Maybe test on what processor architecture?
Enter the system you are using X64 - PC based

If you use the Brewer Note arm, Composer no longer supports it since. On ARM you will probably need to build a code-first bot.PC,
is based on x64 so I think it's not ARM

Are there any firewall rules or other settings on your machine that might be preventing access to this localhost endpoint?

  • Any suggestions on how to test this? Because C# bots can access some local hosts. And is there another way to positively display the full view of the error logs?
  • Which representative did you start with? do you change it somehow?
    I used the "EmptyBot" example. No, I didn't

    Your software is running C#, right?
    Yes, the computer can be correct. I can run C# bots.

    Additional property information-

    1. I installed the Functions CLI separately, azure because func could not be found when starting a new bot.
      An error occurred while creating the bot
    News: Command failed: add func processes at skillhostendpoint http://127.0.0. ‘func’ 1:3980/api/skills is not recognized as or gar internal command, external executable program or batch file. Order: func rings add to SkillHostEndpoint Stack traces: Error: Completed: command add skillhostendpoint options http://127 skillhostendpoint.0.0.1:3980/api/skills ‘func’ is not of course recognized as an internal command, an external executable program or file on disk. In ChildProcess.exithandler(child_process.js:308:12) Child At process.emit(events.js:210:5) at (inner/child_process_maybeclose.js:1021:16) Process at.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (inner/child_process.js:283:5) Output: Murder: Encoded: one Stder: ‘func’ is not recognized as rnner or external, Used or program commandMany files on disk from.Start=”2″>
  • I have

    After doing these two steps, I noticed a build timeout error.

    How to fix a bot that does not start in emulator?

    Login to the emulator to see what’s really wrong: first go to another Composer page (Settings, Home, etc.), then go back to the theme page to see the error popup. An error popup should appear after a particular bot has failed to run, and the composer should not offer to explore the bot in an emulator.

    News: Command failed: options func add http://127 skillhostendpoint.0.0.1:3980/api/skills ‘func’ is not considered an internal hazard, An external command executable or part file. Order: func settings add SkillHostEndpoint http://127.0.0 Stack traces 1:3980/api/skills: Error: Command failed: add skill settings SkillHostEndpoint ‘func’ is not recognized as an internal help command, or file shuffling external executable program or file. In ChildProcess.exithandler(child_process.js:308:12) Child process at.emit(events.js:210:5) Via Maybeclose(internal/child_process.js:1021:16) Process at.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (inner/child_process.js:283:5) Output: Murder: Encoded: one Stder: ‘func’ is not recognized as an external or internal command, executable or software batch file.Aria-label=”Article

    In Such A Bot Article

    How do you troubleshoot a bot?

    Debug someone’s bot source code with Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio.
    Test your grinder bot with an emulator before setting it up in the cloud.

    What is bot framework?

    The Bot Framework includes an extensible and extensible bumblebee SDK, as well as associated AI tools, templates, and services. This building allows developers to build bots thatspeak, understand natural language, modify the questions and answers below, and more.

    In Framework Composer, actions are currently the main trigger content. Composer offers different types of actions, sending as knowledge of response, wishes and creation of conditions. In addition to these built-in actions, you can add additional actions with packages by creating purchase actions containing components.


    Here’s how to create a meaningful custom action that combines the two tips.


  • Basic understanding of actions Composer pendants.
  • Basic understanding of MIT bots actual extension components
  • Bot created with Composer.Last
  • this is the version of Bot Framework CLI.
  • Full Example

    Check out the Flourish Sample Dialog Samples Repository on GitHub for the Bot Framework.
    C# or
    JavaScript.Bot Framework Command Line Tools

    Many contain a bf dialog box for commands that operate on .schema files. Tool, if the Bot Framework CLI is not already installed, open an accelerated command prompt andRun the following command to install the Bot Framework tools:

    npm i -g @microsoft/botframework-cli

    Set Up Product Project

    To create your own strategies (or any component), first set up another project and add the necessary dependencies to work with responsive composite dialogs in the Bot Framework SDK.

    1. Find my bot .sln file, run it, and save it in a Visual program (such as Studio or Visual Studio Code).

    2. Add a new project named MultiplyDialog, this could be your solution. In Visual Studio, right-click the solution in Solution Explorer and select new Add > Project. Use the design template library classes.

    3. Add a reference to the Microsoft package.Bot.Builder.Adaptive.Runtime. Use the same version against the bot, whichever.

    4. Add a link to the completed bot project to the project for the company. Right-click the project and select Add > Project Link. Select project and multiply dialog box, click OK.

    5. Create a complete solution to recover everything and validate the tree structure creation.

    Create A Custom Action B

    Composer actions can be concrete implementations of the Dialog class found. Allows you to perform any action in the dialog stack and inside the trigger throughout the turn.

    In a new project, rename this Class1.cs file to MultiplyDialog.cs and your updated content will look like this:

    using the System;
    with System.Runtime.CompilerServices;
    with System.Threading;
    with System.Threading.Tasks;
    Using AdaptiveExpressions.Properties;
    with Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Dialogs;
    with Newtonsoft.Json;
    public class MultiplyDialog: Dialog
        public MultiplyDialog([CallerFilePath] string sourceFilePath is "", [CallerLineNumber] int sourceLineNumber means 0)
            // Enable the instances bound to this command as a debug breakpoint
            RegisterSourceLocation(sourceFilePath, sourceLineNumber);
        public const string Art = "MultiplyDialog";
        [JSON property("arg1")]
        expression of the public number Arg1 get; together;
        simple numeric expression Arg2 get; together;
       commonnatural StringExpression ResultProperty get; together;
       Ordinary person replaces Task Dc, begindialogasync object (dialog context parameters = null, CancellationToken CancellationToken means default value (CancellationToken))
            let arg1 = Arg1.GetValue(dc.State);
           Var is arg2 equal to Arg2.GetValue(dc.State);
           The result of var is Convert.ToInt32(arg1) * Convert. toint32(arg2);
          Provided (this.ResultProperty != null)
               dc.State.SetValue(this.ResultProperty.GetValue(dc.State), Result);
            return dc.Result, enddialogasync(Result: cancellationtoken);

    Create Schema File


    file .schema for this is a subschema component that can be combined with your current main.schema file for the bot. Although it is possible to change your main sdk.schema file for the grind bot itself, this is not specified. Combining partial schematic files detects changes, simplifies troubleshooting, and makes it easier to connect packaging using reusable components.

    Create another file in the project named MultiplyDialog.schema and update its contents as usual:

    “$schema”: “”,
    “implements(Microsoft “$role”:.IDialog)”,
    “title”: “Multiply”,
    “description”: “This will return all results from arg1*arg2”,
    “type”: “object”,
    “additional properties”: false,
    “Characteristics”: {
    “$ref”: “schema:#/definitions/integer”,
    “name”: “Arg1”,
    “description”: “Value used by the caller’s memory if arg is 1”
    “$ref”: “schema:#/definitions/integer”,
    “name”: “Arg2”,
    “description”: From “should use the caller’s memory as argument 2”
    “resultProperty”: {

    How do you troubleshoot a bot?

    Debug your bot coupon source code using Visual Studio Code or Visual Studio.
    Test your bot with the emulator before deploying it to our own cloud.

    What is a Windows runtime error?

    A rendering error is a software or hardware dilemma that prevents Internet Explorer from working properly. Runtime Bot errors can occur when a website uses an HTML process that is incompatible with the functionality of web technologies.