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Function LoadCursorFromFileA (winuser.h)

Step 1

Click, then click Run. Alternatively, if the mouse is a Universal Serial Bus (USB) plug and play device, your family can skip a certain step and go straight to step 7.

2nd Step

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Go to the General tab and just click Troubleshoot. Follow the recommendations to fix the issue. If the issues persist and your computer’s mouse button is a plug and play USB device, go to step 7.


Install the Microsoft Fix-it USB troubleshooter (see Resources). Then follow the mouse repair instructions.



may be followed by restoring or uninstalling the laptop or mouse driver if the cursor problem persists. Before doing this, check the manufacturer’s website for updates and news about the device.

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The touchscreen mouse is the most common complaint from technical users. Mouse “jitter” occurs whenever the mouse pointer moves erratically. At the time of this writing, our How to Fix 10 Mouse Lag video on YouTube has mostly 65,000 views and comments filled with many stories about Windows 10 and computer mice that just don’t learn well together. your

If your mouse isn’t working and you don’t know why you should make this decision, here are the most common fixes we’ve compiled over the years.

Also visit our YouTube channel where we have posted a short video explaining a number of reasons why your mouse might fall off and how to fix it:

How to fix mouse lag in Windows 10

Clean The Mouse

The insides and keyboards of mice are alwaysricochet against your side and accumulate dirt at an alarming rate. Many viewers and readers have reported that the problem of their PC’s erratic behavior may be the presence of endless, but barely noticeable, hairs.

In short, you go too far into the troubleshooting process before checking this out, and there is not a drop of dirt and an optical sensor. your

Change Mouse Interface

Try a different surface to make sure the stuttering isn’t the result of the mouse not being able to detect the surface, such as glass or an uneven surface. Try almost any mouse pad to fix this problem listed in the list of possible problems.

Bluetooth Signal

If you’re using a wireless mouse, it’s best to use Bluetooth as it’s a communication technology. While Bluetooth still works, troubleshooting a Bluetooth mouse deserves its own article.

Follow these tips to see if they solve the problem:

  • Make sure your batteries are sufficiently charged and secure.
  • Break off the steamy, and then plug in a mouse.
  • In your current range, open the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices to check the saturation of the flash drive.
  • Move closer to yourself or move your Bluetooth antenna if necessary. mouse
  • Some brands, such as Logitech, only offer their own wireless adapter in addition to Bluetooth. Essentially, switching from your current dongle to Bluetooth or vice versa might solve your problem.

    Disable Background Image Slideshow

    If you’ve set your Windows 10 PC to cycle through wallpaper series only, your PC’s mouse pointer stutters and almost freezes when you switch. We have supported this on various Windows 10 PCs and it happens on all of them.

    If your system changes certain wallpapers frequently, such as every few minutes, this may be causing this issue with tooltips. The solution is to frequently program a set interval or turn off the slideshow and change the wallpaper instantly. scroll

    Disable Inactive Window

    This function does what it says: you can scroll Change the inactive area by moving the mouse pointer much further than it does. While this can save time for people who have to work with a lot of word processing and a word processor, for some mysterious reason disabling this feature has solved the mouse stutter issue for some users. We don’t know why, but it’s worth a try just in case :

    1. Open all Start menus and select the Settings gear.
    2. Select devices
    3. Select the mouse.
    4. Disable annoying hover window scrolling, which can be disabled.
    1. Check if your mouse works properly.

    Disable Fast Launch

    Many users have reported that disabling this fast startup can fix the mouse freeze issue in Windows 10.

    Fast boot is definitely standard and will increase your PC’s boot time. Most people rarely reboot their computers, and/or even when they do, fast SSDs and processors speed up the process. For this reason, you maySet them to disable fast startup.

    1. Open the Start Menu and Control Panel, and then select it from the results.
    1. Select Hardware and Sound > Power Options.
    1. Select “Choose what the power buttons do”.
    1. Select Change settings that are not immediately available.
    1. Uncheck Enable Fast Startup. Click Save Changes

    Turn off and restart your computer somewhere and see if the mouse hang requirements are gone.

    Updating The Mouse Or Reinstalling Some Drivers And Software

    The mouse driver tells Windows how to interact with all the hardware. If your mouse came with a software application, that application may also be part of the problem.

    It’s worth downloading the latest mouse truck drivers and manually installing the individual drivers after uninstalling the old ones. Even if the old drivers as software were not the cause of the stuttering, the new downloads may contain fixes for stuttering problems.mouse hiccup. Or

    Update Reinstall GPU Driver

    Your GPU drivers may be faulty in mouse performance in addition to software. Get the latest news and driver software from the latest GPU manufacturer website. Consider using a software package such as DDU (Display Uninstaller) Rider to ensure that the old setting is completely removed. However, only do this if the manual change did not solve the problem.

    Remove Overclock

    If you’ve overclocked our CPU, GPU, RAM, or other components more than they should, undo those kinks. Reset everything back to factory settings for voltage and clock to eliminate device instability that is causing mouse stuttering. As the problem spreads, you should aim for a lower overclock if you want to speed up your current system.