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Retrieved in the USA on September 17, 2011< / p>

Confirmed Purchase

I’m a former techie and I’ve had a used Silicon Valley Gazette two of just about every AV package on the market. These days, the trend of the month for computer virus software seems to be constantly changing. When I’m looking for a great new license, I have to do my homework to find options because what I’ve done before is rarely perfect. Most recently, I ran Bit Defender on my home computers. It was a good shield, but I got tired of the sights (scheduled scans stopped working, etc.), and their technical support leaves much to be desired. I just decided to buy the ESET NOD32 AV 3 license pack and while I really only use it on the right week, I did some research that I would like to share. disk space and us So quiet on installation that you’ll even forget it’s running!
– The engine seems very good right out of the box – it diagnosed malware on my system, which my previous software didn’t.
– Quite the contrary. to what another reviewer reported, the dedicated software activation process is never different from other licensed software you already own. Inside the CD box is a great activation code that you need to create an account on the ESET website. You will then be emailed a username and password that you will use to convert this trial to a registered version (I installed and used the old trial). to my purchase of a new license).
– The user interface is good – not bad, but not great either.
– The logging is excellent, and the “Pulse” scan is slightly faster than average.
– The software also includes a command line scanner thatcan be started in safe mode, which is necessary to help you when the main files of the operating system are found to be infected and / or blocked.

Anyone looking for a good new all-in-one solution might want to hurry up, but you need high quality AV scanners that are long, short and small. Very good in 1 action, this is the antivirus package for you. I hope that the next time I need to renew each of our ESET licenses, I can use the current version.

**Updated** 06/11/2011
I found a malicious bug. found in v5 which I confirmed on your ESET support forum. On Win XP computers, plugging in a USB drive after running Has OS with ESET v5 running often results in a significant increase in computer freezes. It wasn’t your own problem on my Win 7 sewing machine. After 2 weeks I reverted my two Win XP boxes back to v4 and the problem was gone. I haven’t heard of any product being developed in regards to a skin care product. I was asked to send the device log and save the information, but nothingo was not created due to the severity of the failure. I still use ESET and I might like it, but I thought you might be interested in learning about it.

** Posted on ** 30/01/2012
Although in general I I like this review, I like it. to focus on some complaints after using for the last few months. The user interface is confusing and poorly designed. Unfortunately, there is no option for automated email either, since the scan operations (almost all currently competing products for this – ESET only offers an institutional version in this) do not allow them to create external programs before and after the scan. operations (still simple, which will suit others), and the port provides either too little or too much information, making it of little interest from an administrative point of view. It annoys me that many times the bug (above) hasn’t been officially fixed yet – I’ve paid for version 5 but so far I’m stuck with version 4 on my XP machines that won’t just be updated until spring. Me tooI do not like that there is no way to limit the use of scanner resources. Therefore, when a scan is performed, you are dependent on how powerful your hardware is in terms of computer responsiveness, even if it is a real scan. Don’t get me wrong, I love summarizing, but here are a few points that I find very useful before choosing a platform. Unlike other bullshit in the industry, this is still one of the best in my opinion. But I would like ESET to make these improvements, which would be by far the best win.


Retrieved in the USA on May 9, 2014

< p >Confirmed Purchase

I have been using this technology for years on all my laptops or computers (and there were many) at home and at work. It takes up little space and doesn’t slow you down like many others. Even if you need to uninstall everything, it’s easy and doesn’t require separate programs or great education. It just works in that particular context without the knowledge of the client. It updates it quickly and only updates you when it is found.There is another possible problem. He also doesn’t try to sell you almost every week!

Retrieved in USA November 27, 2010