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What are runtime errors and how to fix them?

Temporarily disable Microsoft services.
Run the faulty application in safe mode.
Get enough digital space and secure storage.
Scan for malware.
Fix the artistic C++ runtime.
Reinstall the Visual C++ Runtime.
Perform a clean boot.
Cancel/reinstall the display driver.

Step 1

How do I fix runtime issues?

Some methods may conflict. Often run-time errors are an incompatibility between two or more programs. Press the “Ctrl”, “Alt” and just “Del” keys at the same time to unlock the Windows Task Manager. On the Applications tab, close all open applications until the current runtime error is resolved.

2nd Step

Look for lots of fixesupdates, bug fixes, or updates because you visited the manufacturer’s website. Find your product and see if there are downloads available to solve the problem your computer is having.

Step 3

If none of the above fixes work, reinstall the problematic program. In severe cases, you may need to reinstall your wonderful operating system. Make sure that other programs and files you want to keep are backed up so they can be removed during reinstallation.


Avoid runtime errors by scanning your hard drive for viruses normally. Also make sure you have the latest software updates installed on your computer.

What causes a runtime error in Chrome?

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What is a runtime error?

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How do I fix runtime issues?

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Why do I keep getting a runtime error on my computer?

Why do I keep getting a runtime error on my computer?

What is a runtime error?