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I have a problem with computer repair

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Most of the people who write to this site know it better than a computer. The ones from the early days launch all applications in the Modern PCs, games and laptops , we have done and seen almost everything together.

This makes it easy for everyone to forget that the average PC user is not just a tech-crazed guy. Every day when something goes wrong with the computer, the user is likely to grab it by the waist and carry it to a company like Geeksquad is good for help. While it’s nothing serious, more often than not, you’re paying a professional thousands of dollars to fix something that most people could probably do themselves.

Despite the fact that you have a native that canIf only a real technician can fix it, chances are he is within your reach. Definitely worth a try before giving away your computer with a secure wad of cash.

Of Course, Like Mr. Spock

What you need to know about computers can be described as very logical. This is true both when they work well and when they do not work well. How a PC workstation works is not always a mystery. Yes, they are complex, but “complex” does not mean “magical”.

How long does it take for Geek Squad to fix a computer?

Every time I used the Geek Squad, it took me 10 days to two weeks to get them back.

There are often two main computing situations: hardware and software. Very rarely something goes wrong at the same time.


If you’re having hardware problems, it means that one of your computer’s components is defective or poorly designed.

The first thing to do is to become familiar with the most important features of your computer.

  • There is a motherboard, which is the big snowboard circuit that everything plugs into.
  • Then each CPU is the big brain of the computer. It’s really about numbers.
  • Then there’s RAM access (random memory), which is incredibly fast automatic memory for programs that depend on it.
  • The hard drive is permanent storage.
  • Power supply, well, maybe ( Obviously!) put.
  • The GPU leaves images on the screen just like the audio chip.

One of the most practical ways to determine if user equipment is defective is to replace it with a known working part, or convert the suspicious part into a workstation that you know works.


If your hardware is fine but your computer never works properly, something might have gone wrong in your most important software. Let’s take a look at the process to find out what actually happened to your computer.

Dance Of Diagnostics

The most important step in computer repair is identifying the problem correctly. Ifyou can’t find the source of the problems, you can’t even begin to fix them.

Like a doctor, gather information about a problem occurs when needed. In your own words, you should list the nature of the symptoms and the circumstances associated with the underlying problem.

Describe in detail what this particular computer does (or doesn’t do). For example:

These are general characteristics, but a good starting point.

More detailed information will help you find the correct answer faster. If there are specific laws of error, write them down. If problems arise under certain circumstances, also pay attention to consumers. If you did something new and different just before starting the script, you should probably take note of it. go

You want to collect information that seems most relevant to you Valuable and meaningful. So what exactly are you doing with these dots? Well…

Google Is Your Friend

Does Geek Squad help fix computers?

Our Geek Squad® agents can set up your new personal computer or tablet and detect and resolve any issues that arise. We also offer customized protection plans for complete peace of mind.

We’ll let you in on your little secret: the Geeksquad guy will probably Google your problem. Long gone are the days when you may have had to memorize vast amounts of technical knowledge or recommend thick technical manuals.

Most importantly, my Internet is full of people who have probably already cured their disease. If not, there are always and always people online they are ready to help you solve the problem.

It is therefore essential to be able to describe the symptoms of your personal problem. The better the description you enter into the search engine, the more relevant the answers will be.

To best relate to each of these, you will find many e-commerce forums where you can ask for help with your specific problem. There are always a few geeks out there who love to hang around these places and are willing to provide free tech support. Your family just needs to provide you with the correct information and follow the instructions.

How do you fix a computer?

Click one of the icons on the Windows Start menu.
Click the Gear/Settings icon.
Click Update & Security.
On the left panel, click Recovery.
In the Reset this PC section, click Get Started.
Click Keep My New Files or Delete All.
Then click.
Follow the new instructions and click Reset.

In fact, you should probably start by defining your keywords right here on this page. We may already have a magic formula for you.

Hammer Method

The advice above is actually aimed at a surgical approach to computer repair, but there is another way that is immediate and reliable. However, this also means that it can delete data.