Gold & Silver Price Widget for your Website

Our new widget is completely built-in Javascript and uses CSS3 animation. It offers you a live precious metals price feed without having to load another web page.

We offer two different versions of our widget, one which works well on mobile devices too. There are many ways to use it on your website. You can choose between either an iFrame version or JavaScript version.

The widget features:

* A live prices feed for Gold & Silver

* An embedded chart showing current spot gold and silver prices

* Two ways to display the widget: Either via an iFrame or via JavaScript

Gold Price Widget

The Gold Price Widget displays the current price of gold on your site. You can choose whether you want it to display the current spot price, or the 24 hour average. If you use multiple currencies, you can set the currency used in the widget.

You can easily change the look of the widget by changing the CSS file included in the zip archive.

1. Customize Your Widget

To customize your widget, simply paste the following code into the HTML editor of your WordPress dashboard.

If you have any questions about the widget or if there is anything we can do to help, feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us form.

Widget 1 (Javascript)

A widget is an interactive element (JavaScript) that allows you to add additional information or functionality to your website. Widgets are usually placed on blogs, social media websites, and news websites. They allow visitors to interact with your site without having to leave it. You can use widgets to display weather forecasts, stock quotes, RSS feeds, calendar events, and much more.


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Widget 2 (iFrame)

The second version of our widget is now live. You can use it to display your latest blog posts in a sidebar. To add it to your site, just copy the code below into your theme’s functions.php file. If you want to learn how to build your own WordPress widgets, check out our guide here.

Embed code

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