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How to Troubleshoot Windows Recovery

Restart technology.program
upgrade to a higher version.
Completely uninstall the program and/or reinstall it afterwards.
Install most of the Microsoft C++ visual redistributable package.
Use SFC Scan Now to recover dangerous files windows recovery
Restart systems to return the computer to a recent state.

The error is actually a problem in which windows affects the startup of computer software. When this problem occurs, a surprising message appears when trying to run any built-in program or a third-party program. This message usually identifies the file call that caused the problem, and contains suggestions to help resolve the problem. Most common mistake: “Runtime is a mistake! Program path: to to file. This software application requested has a runtime to get to you in an unusual way.”

Windows runtime error in 11 shows some file names like eagleget que.exe, explorer.exe, logonui.exe, atibtmon.exe, etc. It might be faulty due to corrupted software, podium files, existing threats, etc. Out of date visual and library drivers in milliseconds due to clutter can be equally responsible. See – I Windows 10 error fixes VCRUNTIME140.dll.

List of methods

Option 1: Restart the computer
Option 2: Install the appropriate library version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime
Option 3: Update
Method-4 : Manually view the Post Driver for your graphics card
Method 5: Uninstall and reinstall the third-party device
Method 6: Update Windows 11
Method 7: Run System File Checker and DISM from
Method 8: Use a Full Defender Scan
Windows Method 9: Uninstall Windows Center
Update Method 10: Clean boot your computer
Method 11: Perform a System Restore

Runtime Error On Windows 11

How do I fix runtime error index out of bounds?

Runtime error after index out of bounds. Sometimes this problem can occur if the application you are trying toSorry, not fully compatible with Windows 10. To fix this problem, run the Easy app in compatibility mode and see if it helps you.

How do I fix runtime Error 76 Path not found?

The folder path in the profile or fund may have changed so that the existing path simply no longer exists. You check the path to the information “Header” to check the path is specific.
The reference can be slashed to the alpha sort field (ASF) associated with a particular profile, which often results in the macro assuming that another level of the file exists.

How to fix learning error in Windows —

Method 1 11. Restart The Entire Computer

The easiest solution to this constant reboot error is to have a system that can repair the culprit file. Let’s make this a little more difficult; Sometimes your computer won’t turn off due to a power outage, accidentally pressing the power button, etc. e. In this particular situation, the file being executed in the operation is not completely corrupted.So turning your computer on once won’t result in perfect streaming and things can get stuck. In this scenario, a run-time error may occur. Restarting the PC completely closes their file and allows them to actually boot without errors. Whenever you encounter a runtime error, you will probably reboot without much system prompting.

  1. Close all running tasks.
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  3. Press the power icon.
  4. Select yourself – reboot.

Method 2: Install The Ideal Version Of The Visual Microsoft C++ Runtime Library

Runtime errors mostly occur when Windows 11 probably has the wrong version of the visual runtime library installed. Be aware that the test message will indicate whether the visual local library is the cause of the error. The speech would read: Visual “Microsoft C++ Library, Program Runtime: abc.exe. This financial application runtime has requested this task to be performed in an unusual way.” (Note Xyz – atabout the name of our file). However, this is easy to verify if you install Visual Library Replay. Do the following:

  1. Follow this valuable link.
  2. You will be redirected to your Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 page.
  3. Click Download.
  4. < li >Click Download.Li>
  5. Select
  6. the name vc_redist.x64.and exe just click – Next.

  7. After the download is complete, double click the file vc_redist die.x64. EXE.
  8. < li>Check the “I accept the licenses” terms in the installation wizard.

  9. Click “Install”.

Why am I getting a runtime error message?

There is a problem with your computer or hardware that is preventing Internet Explorer from working properly. Run-time problems can occur when HTML code is used on the Internet that is incompatible with the functionality of a web browser.

  1. When done, check the runtime for the exact error that needs to be fixed.obstruction
  2. If it persists, press – Win + A.
  3. Type appwiz.cpl.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Right-click the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable.
  6. Choose Uninstall.
  7. < li >Click “Uninstall” again in the installer.

  8. Go to this page.
  9. Download a large amount of the latest Visual Studio. You will
  10. install the executable in the file assembly.

Method 3: Update Display Error Driver

Some driversGraphics cards are your own problem and can cause a runtime error in Windows 11. Outdated Faulty or corrupted drivers are usually part of the errors. Luckily, this problem is the best solution when the device is available. With this for windows tool, users can update the display driver easily and fantastically. What’s more, you have another system to manually download and add almost all the latest drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website. Let’s see the whole collection. Click –

  1. Right-click the Start button.
  2. Select Device Manager.
  3. Once the application is visible, double-click the Graphics Card icon. Click
  4. Right click on a driver, Intel like NVIDIA or another that works.
  5. Select – Update Driver in the screenshot below.
  6. li>< /ol>
    1. The windshield pops up quickly; Click “Scan for Drivers Now”.
    2. Restart your computer and check if the runtime error occurs.
    3. If the error still persists, contact us on the manufacturer’s website.
    4. li>
    5. Find the latest driver version and download it.
    6. Run at it’s an installation file. Install the driver by following the screen prompts.
    7. li>
    8. Now the exact runtime error should no longer appear in Windows 11.

    Get help here – How to update Windows 11 drivers (best).

    Method 4: Manually Update The Display Driver

    Because incorrect adapter mapping is a possible cause of a learning error in windows 11, you should focus on this element. Sometimes the driver remains in the template, but is not installed correctly. In this case, the Device Manager will help you install a new personal software for the read error fix. Go down the stairs with –

    1. Press Windows keys – + R.
    2. Type – devmgmt.msc.
    3. Press – Enter.
    4. Double-click Show in Adapters ” Device Manager to view the drivers.
    5. If more than one specific driver is listed, you can also determine which one. they are actually in use by your system.
    6. Right click on it.
    7. Choose Update – Update Driver Software. In
    8. Update drivers using the wizard, select – my Browse my computer from system drivers.
    9. When the following window appears, select – Let me choose from a list of available drivers for my Postal PC
    10. A compatible driver hardware model has been selected on autopilot. A window will appear. Click the “Next” button.
    11. You will receive a message: Window “Updated drivers loaded successfully.
    12. Restart the product and check for errors.

    Fifth Way: Uninstall Third-party Support And Reinstall

    Often, the file alias shown in the error letter belongs to a third-party program added to Windows 11. This means that the program is not completely used or its files are malicious. The solution is relocation. Every time you reinstall a new program, the operating system is set up with updated electronic files. Thus, the probability of an error occurring during executioninterference is usually minimal. Therefore, often follow the instructions to uninstall then reinstall Program –

    1. Press Winkey+I.
    2. Settings will open soon.
    3. Choose – Best performing zone applications.>Swipe
    4. All software and third-party applications are hosted on this settings page.
    5. Find the applications you want to uninstall.Li>Click
    6. on the icon with three dots where the section is located.
    7. Select – Delete.
    1. A small pop-up may appear for confirmation purposes. Click – Remove.
    2. Some policies can be reflected in the removal wizard; Follow them to uninstall the software.
    3. Now go to the official website of the software and download it from there.
    4. Install as a program.
    5. li>Finally, reboot and system check if Windows 11 runtime error is fixed

    Method 6: Update Windows 11

    Windows receives regular updates that greatly support the security of the operating system You that reduce performance and sometimes add modern features. Unfortunately, sometimes the files being updated are not fully encoded. Bad codes will ask for errors which will affect processing and cause various errors. So when a learning error occurs, updates are often the real cause. Microsoft When or other companies find out about your current error, they fix the files and then put them in another update. So check for updates and make them available if available.