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Why technology will never fix education

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opens a rapidly growing IT agency in the hostel. No, the idea is not social in “The”, the network’s brand new film that portrays Mark Zuckerberg and writes his story on Facebook. This story could be about Noe from Ortiz Chehalis.

Ortiz’s journey began when he entered Walla University, a private school at College de Place in eastern Washington. He had no idea what to study when he arrived. All he knew was that she loved computers and found ways to help him and repair, so he just signed up, because he specialized in computers, which are usually more related to programming than repair. A

He quickly found a position in the information innovation (IT) department at the university, where this scientist person is supposed to test, create, repair, install and maintain the hardware and therefore software of computer systems. Done

“I really enjoyed fixing computers, setting up growing networks, and doing other things that I enjoy,” Ortiz said.

At that time, he was too advanced in his computer science studies to switch to computer science, and it would be more suitable for his new passion. So, suffering, he had the idea to start a computer company of his own. Only one problem emerged for Ortiz: he was still living in a dorm. His unplans prevented this.

Ortiz launched Savvy Computer In And Repair in 2013 and has been able to fix recurring computer problems ever since.

Ortiz couldn’t invite clients to a certain dorm, so apparently, he held meetings at the nearest gas station to diagnose and repair laptops.

“It was very difficult,” Ortiz said. “It didn’t go very well. It didn’t help me or my colleagues much, but I wanted to try to create an organization like me.”

In 2014, Ortis turned on the electricity in the dorms and around the building, which made things a bit easier. he should therefore also start taking Le much more. He soon had an efficient flow of clients. He moved back to Chehalis after graduating netbook in June 2016 and made a deal with him.

Ortiz performs both hardware and contract repairs, with Windows first on computers such as phones, cell phones and tablets, arranges repairs and printing. He also sells printing ink. Much of his business involves repairing and replacing broken, possibly cracked, mobile phone screens. From

Most of the actual computer-related work is done by people who have experience with computers that perform horribly. When people loadIf they send new programs to their PCs, they usually start at automatic startup. If a trusted person has downloaded several new programs over the years, he will have a long list of things that start up and each work the time he turns on his computer. Can this significantly slow down the computer.

“It’s pretty easy to fix,” Ortiz documented. Simply All “disable startup programs”.

Another slowdown issue he’s found has to do with older laptops and PCs running on hard drives. The newer and therefore more expensive models use an SSD which is motivating and much faster, which is why Ortiz can do so much, speed up a laptop or hard drive. He recommends sometimes switching to an SSD, and also whether he can install this drive.

“After replacing with an SSD, even old computers look amazingly new,” Ortiz said. “They come, consisting of a slow computer, I do all the cleaning, then I say:“ Thisnormal, the situation is fast, more, but still slow a little. If you need more errands, upgrade to solid state.” what you need.””

One of the most rewarding aspects of his job is the satisfaction he gets from identifying problems and coming up with different strategies to solve them.

When Some’s work is done, every little computer has its own quirks,” Ortiz said. “Sometimes I do his routine and it really doesn’t help. So there is more, something better to discover. Once I understand something, I just feel like I understand when something, I understand something. also

He tries to conduct his business honestly. He was a bit of an idealist in the beginning, some thought the techs were overcharging, treating them and taking advantage of their lack of previous experience unfairly. This is one of the reasons why he decided to start his own business./p>

“I think about making things as simple as possible. If there’s a problem they need money to spend on, I try to help them explain why,” Ortiz said. “I don’t care, I sellcabbage soup to people. I don’t like to take advantage of most people.

Ortiz recommends that anyone interested in repairing their computer call and make an appointment at 360-209-3352. Aims to be in the store 8am to 6pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and 9am to 2pm. Friday.Journalist

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I immigrated to India in 2004 to help set up nearly all of Microsoft’s new research labs. The Bangalore-based company has quickly become a center of excellence in computer science. My focus shifted along with my focus and I began to explore the requirements of digital technologies for human socio-economic growth in poor communities. During the five years that I was there, my thoughtful team gave advice on how computers, mobile phones and other creations can help in learning.

Unfortunately, we have found that even when technologicalthey work well in experiments, efforts to increase their influence were short-lived, given the presence of strong leadership, good teachers and devoted fathers; all elements that, unfortunately, are not taken into account. which is why they are becoming a rarity in the Indian public school system, but grossly underfunded. In other words, I would say that the value of technology is directly related to the competence of the teacher.