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iPhone says can’t connect to Wi-Fi network? Here is the fix

Because iOS functionality is often undoubtedly dependent on the internet, it’s very frustrating not being able to connect to a huge wireless network due to the “unable to connect to mobile phone” spell on the phone. Geek Site “Network phone [name]” appears. on Apple iPhone iPad, or iPod touch. As usual, you may encounter this warning when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network, even when trying to manually connect to an absolute network:

With such a non-descriptive error message, it’s hard to say exactly what the Wi-Fi problem will look like, but in most cases the problem can be resolved fairly quickly by combining the multi-step process below:

  1. Select Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  2. Enter password and gear confirm reset.
  3. NYou need to restart this iPhone/iPad. You will see a cursor on when the device, the interface will complete the reset before restarting the device in winter.
  4. Go back to “Settings” > “Wireless & Network” and join the multilayer network.

Resetting network settings will delete saved passwords and configuration information, and the device will reboot to default values ​​to (presumably) clear any remaining caches or individual settings. You must re-enter passwords and some network information. This is

When used, the iPhone/iPad should connect to the network without problems, as is commonly believed. If you still have difficulty following the steps above, do not connect to a Wi-Fi network through IOS, Settings, and then reconnect to the software manually. Connecting to networks manually is done by selecting “Other” from the Wi-Fi menu and enter the exact name of the switch, the type of network encryption, and change the router.

From my personal experience, the error “Unable to connect to the network” occurs directly when connecting to a certainmember wireless routers more often than for other reasons. So if you have a new router, you have a dual-band one, now you can switch to another one and the command will ignore the encoded signal. Sometimes it can also help to restore the router, because not all users have a loss, of which it is usually better to offer a specific iOS support.

How do I fix unable to join network on iPhone?

Go to Settings > Reset General > > Reset Network Settings.
Enter the device password and confirm reset.
Leave your iPhone/iPad turned on, you will see a spinning cursor on the device after the reset is completed before restarting the device.

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An annoying error on the iPhone is the “Unable to connect to the network” error message, which appears when it is important for someone to connect to the Internet. Following are the steps to fix this key error.

As you will agree, the sensible error message that says “unable to connect to the network” is not very helpful and doesn’t really indicate what problems you might be having with your tablet or network.


However, this message you are getting is quite common and users are reporting that they have fixed the iPhone Unable to Connect error.Go online by following the troubleshooting steps.

1. Reconnect To Wi-Fi

Why can I not join my WiFi Network?

Check the configuration of your android device, make sure the device’s airplane mode is disabled and Wi-Fi is enabled. 3. Another problem with your computer’s network card may be that your network card driver is out of date. Essentially, vehicle computer operators are the programs that tell your amazing computer hardware how to work.

Often, Wi-Fi issues on iPhone can be resolved by simply turning Wi-Fi off and even on again.

Select Settings > Wi-Fi Disable > by moving the Wi-Fi switch from the OFF position.

After 30 seconds, turn on Wi-Fi, I would say by turning the switch to the ON position.

2. Restart IPhone

A handy way to turn off and restart your iPhone can be a quick fix for an iPhone problem.

Open “General Settings” > > scroll down and click “Stop”.

Let your iPhone shut down properly. Please wait > 30 seconds and restart your iPhone.

3. Forget Wi-Fi And Join

Write down your Wi-Fi password and follow these steps to avoid reconnecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Why can’t I join my WiFi Network?

Uninstall Cyst: software problems can occur if you haveSince a computer virus is detected, it can disable or block the “Connect to Wi-Fi” function. After that, they will scan your computer or gadget for viruses and remove them all, whether found or not. Then restart your computer and try to connect again.

In the confirmation pop-up window, click “I forgot to confirm.” Please reconnect to the Wi-Fi network in 30 seconds.

5. You Are Using A Computer To Connect To A Wi-Fi Network

You are using a desktop or laptop computer to connect to your home Wi-Fi network. As soon as youcan connect to the Internet on your corporate computer, try accessing the Internet from your iPhone or iPad. your

Magically, your mobile device or iPad should instantly successfully connect to your Wi-Fi network, and you’ll never see a “Can’t Connect to Network” error message sent to your iPhone again.

6. Reboot Your Modem/router

Unplug your modem/router from power > Wait 60 seconds and plug your modem/router back into power.

This will most likely reset to the Wi-Fi network and may give your router/modem the latest IP address, which should help fix the “Unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network” error on your droid.

7. Reset Network Settings

Why won’t my phone join my WiFi Network?

To reset network settings on Android: Open Settings and tap System, Advanced, then Reset & Options Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile Phone & Bluetooth Settings. If you have a Samsung phone, tap General Management, Reset, and then Reset Networks settings.

Write down your Wi-Fi password and follow these steps to factory reset your iPhone’s network settings.à “Settings”

Select > > Master Reset > On the next page, select Reset Network Settings.

In the confirmation window, tap the Reset Networks setting again and confirm. If

After doing this, you’ll be better able to connect to your Wi-Fi network without getting the “Unable to connect to the network” error.

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  • iPhone won’t work without an internet connection, and when Wi-Fi shows an “Unable to connect to online” error on iOS 14.7.1, I know how frustrating it can be when our loved ones want or need to urgently respond to a client in person to the face. mail from the droid. Unfortunately, there is no specific reason or reason why Wi-Fi via iPhone does not show the network connection popup, but considering all possible reasons, we will resolve the network error on dem iPhone and make sure that it never appears again.

    We have encountered a network settings reset which has helped many victims of the error message in the article get rid of this task as soon as possible. Unless you need to re-enter those saved WiFi passwords, there’s no point in going straight to resetting to “Network” and trying to recover them.

    Fix The Error “Unable To ConnectGo To The Web” IOS/iPadOS

    Not to mention, rebooting your phone is the first solution to minimizing minor problems, and most problems go away with just about any simple reboot. Restart your computer on a specific iPhone change before moving on to other solutions.1:

    Forgot Your Wi-Fi Network Decision

    If a particular iPhone was working fine until the message “Unable to connect to the network through theft” appears, you need to forget your Wi-Fi password, try to enter it and join MLM again.

    1. Go to application settings. Wi-Fi
    2. Then
    3. press the information button repeatedly, then the Wi-Fi network you can connect to Not now.
    4. Select Ignore this network. .
    5. < li>Confirm, forget.

    After doing this, it is recommended that you restart your iPhone before reconnecting it to the Wi-Fi network. To do this, press and hold the media cover and select the power button, but also select the power off voltage.With which you press the button and turn it so that the trunk tilts normally.

    Solution 2: Restart Your Network Router

    Another thing that is definitely worth diagnosing is your router if the Wi-Fi modem is working; Similar problems with gambling are more likely to show up positively. To test this, why not even connect another laptop, smartphone, or computer to the same network, or exactly reboot the router by unplugging all power supplies from the router and plugging them back in after a few minutes.

    Solution 3: Reset Network Settings

    Why does my iPhone say unable to join this network?

    Get help if you don’t know your personal information. Even if you enter a bypass password, you may see an impressive “cannot connect to network” message, or possibly a “password” message. Invalid password”. Reboot some of your devices, then try entering the password again.

    Until now, resetting network settings has never failed to fix a few Wi-Fi issues, when I did it myself to set up not being able to connect to Wi-Fi -Fi. The downside is that you can erase all saved Wi-Fi networks. passwords and even other network settings, but this does not affect personal information. Therefore, it usually hurts not to reset the method parameters.

    Why can’t I connect to my Wi-Fi even though the password is correct?

    Sometimes wireless cards have issues or small issues that prevent them from connecting. turn off Try the card, and then restart it – see the wireless network troubleshooter for details. When prompted to enter a WiFi stability password, you can choose which security format to use wifi.

    How to fix “unable to join WiFi network” error on iPhone?

    Disconnect the modem/router from the power supply > wait. Reconnect 60 seconds, power on modem/router if longer. This will reset the Wi-Fi network and may give your router/modem a new, trusted IP address, which should help in recovering the “Unable to join Wi-Fi network” error on your iPhone.