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Multimedia error in BlackBerry browser

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The BlackBerry web is the traditional browser for all BlackBerry devices. It offers tabbed browsing, the ability to truly shrink and scale touchscreen devices, and the ability to automatically improve font size for online sites with a lot of text. The navigator is activated depending on the component of the main driving system.

When accessing websites on your BlackBerry phone, you may occasionally encounter a 502 work gateway error. This error means that the problem with this method is preventing your phone from connecting to the Internet. it almost never indicates a mash problem. Depending on the cause of any of your errors, your ability to resolve the most important problem may be limited. If the error persists after troubleshooting, it is definitely a system-wide situational network.


Remove the battery cover and battery from your BlackBerry phone. Don’t put your phone down first. Wait a minute, also a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Press “Power” to restart your phone. Open a web browser page to see if the issue is often resolved.


On the BlackBerry home screen, press the Menu button. Click “Manage and connections”, check the box “Mobile network”. Then press the “Menu” button, select and “Start Deployment”. Depending on your BlackBerry template number, you may need to pause your profile update. Reboot your phone afterupdate solutions. Check again for errors.


On the BlackBerry screen, click the Browser icon. Press the button and “Menu” press “Options”. Check all the boxes in the “Clear Browsing Data” section and click “Clear Now”. Reboot your phone. web browser Restart after downloading the ring.

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Why is my BlackBerry browser not working?

One of the following issues is definitely causing the problem: BlackBerry Internet Service Browsing is simply not activeI do not have a cellular data plan, or the cellular service provider does not support this feature. The service logs are corrupted or no longer active. The default browser system is set to the wrong browser.

Return to the BlackBerry Knowledge Base homepage and search the Marketplace for support articles.

  1. Does anyone

    care about the BlackBerry browser and the video not playing situation?

    I have an excellent unlocked AT&T Passport and right after installing 10.3.2.A 2226 a few hours ago, not a single video worked through the browser. Throws “media error” and something says “give up” or “wait” with strings from slow network groups.

    I have confirmed for some reason that this is a problem when the BlackBerry comes with a browser. Network and Wi-Fi services work well and I downloaded Qui, Chrome except for crashes many oftendownloaded tutorial videos and worked just as well as apps that play other videos.

    Guess I’ll have to do a one time but restore, I’m just curious if anyone else has had this and if and how they set it up.

    Thank you

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    8/14/15 09:13 AM

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    This is

    if then same for most Flash video clips, Adobe Adobe Flash and Adobe Air will be removed from BB10 from 10.3.1.xxxx.
    A contributor wrote a crackberry Flash compatible web browser called zeus 10 for .3.2.xxxx:…world-1027460/
    Try the BlackBerry World version. This is

    If the video is HTML5, the new browser may have problems. Test a soft reset:

    • Press and hold the volume up and down buttons at any time for more than ten seconds at the same time. Screenshot
    • of what it should probably be. The screen should remain blank and the device will reboot. These
    • Release the keys when you see the loading animation of the BlackBerry icon.
    • after fully loading, wait about 5 minutes, then try againthe experience of loading images in the browser.

    8/14/15 09:54

  • Error

    Why is my BlackBerry not connecting to Internet?

    Reboot the corresponding BlackBerry. If you still can’t connect to your cellular network, or you can connect without making, receiving calls, or transferring data, perform a soft reset on your BlackBerry® theme. Restart your BlackBerry. If your marriage is not recovered after starting BlackBerry, perform a hard reset.

    often occurs when playing an active YouTube video that has been paused for some time.

    I reinstall the site and start again from the place where I left off, it comes out and no.

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    .08.15 10:09 am

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    For Mobile change data your “network” technology to the global one.
    Disable IPv6 for Wi-Fi.



    8/14/15 11:23 AM

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    Does anyone have problems with the browser and BlackBerry, it does not include video?

    I have an unlocked passport for AT&T and after running 10.3.2.A Secure no 2226 a few days ago, video through a web browser. There is a “media error” with something between a slow network drop or a wait.

    I have confirmed that this is a big problem with the BlackBerry browser. ISP and Wi-Fi work great and I downloaded Chrome which also downloaded and fixed videos, many among other crashes, and other apps i.e. video playback.P>

    < assume that you need to restoreSorry, but I'm just curious if anyone else had this problem, and if and how they fixed it.

    Thank you

    Published means CB10

    How do I configure my BlackBerry for browsing?

    Choose everything.
    Scroll down and select options.
    To do this, scroll down and select Device.
    Scroll down to Advanced System Settings and find it.
    Scroll down and enter TCP-IP.
    Check the box next to APN settings enabled.
    Enter APN.
    Click the Options button.

    08-14-15 09:13

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